Life as a musician is wonderful; don't distort the facts

There are so many wonderful people in the music industry. There really are. 

There are people who do nothing but turn their love of music (and musicians) into a career. There are publicists, record label owners, bloggers, bookers, and [fill in the blank]s who do literally nothing in every single moment of their waking life but devote themselves to music. There are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people out there who want to support you, who want to support your music, who want to support your scene. 

Somewhere, very close to you, there is a vocal coach who's looking for new students so she can fulfill her life's mission of helping singers. In your hometown, there's a music journalist who's burnt out, bored, and just itching for something new to write about. Perhaps even down the street, there's a drummer who's tired of playing with a hard rock band and wants desperately to try something new. There's a venue nearby that really needs some new bands to come in one night per month, or per week.

Musicians, are you listening? There is an entire army full of people out there who want to do nothing but help you and love you. Do you hear what I'm saying?  ...BECAUSE I'M GETTING REALLY FUCKING TIRED OF SAYING IT

Don't fall prey to "crabs in a bucket" syndrome. Don't throw yourself a pity party when you could be going to an actual party and meeting these people. Don't be bigger crybabies than the Republican Congress and sit around wallowing in how your music career isn't what you want it to be! It's up to you to make it something different! Guess what, music is a career just like every other career! if you're going to make this into a career, you're going to have to spend some days raking out the shit from the barn and then there are some days when you get to stand on the red carpet! Every day in music is not a lark in the park. Every day is not easy. That's just not how it works in this industry. If you want something easy to show up and punch a card, find another job. Oh wait. There aren't any.  

Fuck your distortion of the facts! It's just not true that "nobody buys music anymore" and there are the literal, actual numbers to prove it! It's not true that no one cares! IT'S NOT TRUE AND I CAN PROVE IT TO YOU WITH ACTUAL MATHEMATICS! Go out and meet some people in your hometown. Connect with someone on the internet. Talk to someone who's doing what you're doing. Get off your ass and get out the door! DO SOMETHING FOR CRYING OUT LOUD

Take your negativity somewhere else... I'm not going to be dragged down by these stupid, petty discussions from amateurs anymore. I can separate out the professionals from the amateurs with my eyes closed now. You know how I can do it? Because the professionals are out working while the amateurs stay at home bitching.