Another busy week/end

In my "being a full time musician" quest, I forgot how busy things get when you are gigging all the time. Forgive any grammatical/spelling errors in this post, because:

- I forgot to eat (anything) yesterday before my gig
- I spent most of last night feeling dizzy and lightheaded
- And then I got really, really sick
- After going to bed, I got like, no sleep and woke up every hour... on the hour
- And now today I feel like I'm about to pass out


My week was eventful. I think I already wrote about my show at the Tin Can Ale House on Tuesday, so I'll skip that one (tl;dr it was great)  

I'm joining a new band here in town, and I'm doing all kinds of choral rehearsals for it. It's so exciting. I haven't rehearsed with a music folder since I was in high school! I love singing harmonies, I love everything about this new project and I'll be sure to share more with you about it once everything's hammered down. 

Friday night, Red Pony Clock played at the Casbah. I love the Casbah - it's one of my favorite venues in town and always a good time. My girlfriend Sammie and I discovered a few weeks ago that we owned the same dress, so we thought this show would be a good opportunity to wear the same dress to the show. I also did our makeup exactly the same (brush stroke for brush stroke) and it was, as you can see, totally awesome.

Matchy matchy

Matchy matchy

So you can imagine our surprise when we saw two other guys wearing the same shirt! Sammie came up to me and was like, "Hey, I'm gonna ask these guys if they want to take a picture with us." Sounded cool to me! We're two pretty ladies, who wouldn't want to take a picture with us? 

I was chowing down on some fish from Bluewater Grill when Sammie came over to me and told me that she'd talked to the one of the guys who had the shirt on and he blew her off. "He was a total asshole to me!" she said. We agreed that he was most likely a douchebag and proceeded to play a killer set, get all our gear off the stage and then move on. 

Turns out the guy who was such a jerk was the lead singer of Bear Mountain, and once we saw them on stage we totally understood his whole "vibe". Because, let's face it, most lead singers are horrible, am I right? (Insert joke here because I am a lead singer) We found out later that he's apparently some kind of reality TV star? Whatever man... Anyhow, I'm just posting this picture above as photographic evidence that we looked damn hot, and anyone who didn't want to take a picture with some fine babes for some fun is a... shall we say, aguafiestas. 

After the show, we ended up making some new friends from Sweden who are in town for six months. It was a crazy head trip hearing one of my friends speak fluent Swedish to these guys. Loved it. They're coming over for a party soon. 

Saturday I had a rehearsal with my friend Kevin for my new band, which was amazing, and then my plans took me to the Adams Avenue Street Fair. I've been really trying to get out and go see more shows. It's hard when you're constantly playing or practicing yourself... sometimes it feels like the absolute last thing you want to do is go see more music, but I always feel better when I do! 

I went to see my friend Bart's band, True Stories, after he gave me their new EP this week. It's great; 60's inspired Zombies-style pop music. We popped over there to catch their set and it was so much fun. Then, we headed down to visit my friend Lisa, who's the owner of Viva Pops on Adams. Always nice to see her, and we saw a bunch of cute kittens who are looking for a home. We finally made it back to the car and I had a super lovely quiet night at home, which was much needed.

Sunday was another great and busy day; I got up early and went to the farmer's market, where I hauled in some lovely eggplants, a rosemary plant, and some sort of pluot? And then I went to my garden, and then the Great Basil Harvest of 2013 was underway. I grew four separate basil plants this summer, and they are finally ready to be made into lovely pesto. I made over four POUNDS of pesto yesterday. Pounds.

Look at all this basil

Look at all this basil

And then last night, I played at Amaya (where I'll be every Sunday for the foreseeable future), and friends came out and supported me... which was just so, so wonderful. I wish I'd had the energy left to go to karaoke afterwards, but I just didn't have it in me. 

Other than my stomach issues, which only surfaced on Sunday night, I've had just a wonderful few days... So excited about all this food! haha!  

What did you get up to this weekend? Dis-moi ...