Break time / Tour time

Well, it's been a really fun run of it. Since moving back to San Diego in 2013, I've performed, and I've performed, and I've performed. It's been as much fun as a baby emu playing with a dog. And now it's time for a break so I can go see everyone who's not in Southern California. I'm revamping the live show and prepping for my first US/International tour in about four years. I can't wait to see you on the road! I've missed those of you not in San Diego dearly. 

The past few years of 4-5 shows per week, sometimes 6-7, has been amazing for my performance vibe. I didn't realize how much I missed putting on a SHOW. It hasn't been this intense for a long time. There are some details that start fall through the cracks when you're on a run. Learning other people's songs has gotten in the way of me writing my own... doing other people's shows has left me thinking about the shows I want to create... and through it all there's been a major time crunch. To be honest, I'm amazed I was able to release two albums in the past year and keep my head on (somewhat) straight.

"What is art?" is a question I definitely asked my therapist recently with all my sincerity. It's time to refill the well. Dave Fleminger and I are hard at work on his latest record, and I am starting work soon on my first production project for another artist, in addition to continuing to paint, create stained glass and other visual art, and bake. (Yum) Winter may not pack much of a punch in San Diego, but the nights are getting longer and chillier, and I feel like it's a great time for a little hibernation.

Stay tuned for news!

I have a few San Diego shows on the books before the end of the year:

November 10th - Casino Royale at The Lafayette
November 14th - guesting with True Stories at the Riviera Supper Club
November 20th - with True Stories

Thanks for all the support! I'm excited to share with you what comes out of the woodshed. :)