Flowers - new piano EP

I've been working on a piano-only EP inspired by my May trip to the Pacific Northwest. 

It's coming along pretty nicely, and the only thing left for me to do is finalize the layout and imagery for the EP.

Flowers is a series of four piano improvisations/compositions, each named after a different flower. I recorded and mixed it at Rarefied Recording in San Diego. It's my first time behind the control board of quite a massive system. Had a wonderful time recording on my baby grand piano in the first few months that it's been in San Diego.

life is good, and very very busy. Apologies for the lack of updates - gigging 3x/week + more has left me with very little free time. 

Once the EP is up online, there will be a link to purchase the digital album here and on bandcamp. Physical copies will be limited to 100, and pre-order information will be here soon.