April updates! new EP on the way...

Things have been super busy around here. Good busy - not bad busy :)

Blue Velvet has been working hard and enjoying every minute of it! Next Saturday, we are taking a break so that Kevin can accompany Ms. Francesca Amari at Martinis Above Fourth. It's been such a blast to perform every week with a hugely talented and fun group of people. We are learning some new songs in the meantime, and I am very very excited to come back to the Caliph (3100 5th Avenue, 92103) on April 26th. 

This week, I am beginning work on a new EP. I had wrestled with the idea of releasing a full-length this year. I've been thinking about it for a long time actually. It was a tough choice to make, because I want to release new material. I have new material out the wazoo. But last year's process of making a full-length...... it left me pretty drained... financially, emotionally, and creatively. I have been working on the beginnings of a bilingual French-English full-length, and I look forward to giving that album the time and space it needs to come to life in an organic fashion.

The new EP will have 4 or 5 songs, and I'm aiming to release it at the end of the summer. I am in Southern California, but that means August, not October :P The EP title and cover art will be revealed soon... I look forward to sharing these songs with you! 

I've been gardening a lot. I converted my community garden plot in North Park to an herb garden. With the drought that has been plaguing SoCal, I felt like the most responsible choice this summer was to turn my plot into a more water-friendly option. I do love growing my tomatoes and veggies, but the reality in my kitchen is that herbs are what save me the most money. So far I have lemon verbena, garlic, thyme, oregano, and tarragon going. Trying to figure out what else to throw in there! 4 square feet offers room for quite a lot of herbs. 

I've also been baking a lot too and enjoying it. I am doing some macarons for private parties and events coming up in the near future. :) :)

More updates soon from San Diego. I'd like to get another article up soon, but we will see! Singing and playing all the time takes it out of me! Hope you are all well!!!