Valentine's Day mini tour with Red Pony Clock: bullet points

Red Pony Clock had a wonderful mini-tour this weekend with shows in SD, LA, and Orange County... Here are some of the finer bullet points from this weekend


- Valentine's Day at Soda Bar was awesome, because...
- people are always making out with each other on Valentine's Day
- Gabe, Gerry, and Garmon started off our V-day gig with a straight-for-the-heartstrings a capella rendition of "I'll Make Love To You" by Boyz II Men, to a packed house of people who were there to hear electro-indie-pop from Brooklyn
- this is what they did in the van on the way down instead of making a set list
- I got some incredible real-time feedback about my baking from the San Diego crowd


- dinner at East Village Asian Diner in Encinitas, clearly we won everything 
- nothing like performing in an "art space" to take you down memory lane
- there were people in giant bird costumes and fancy hats roaming around everywhere
- I got a free drink and a free drink koozy by exchanging some macarons with the bar staff
- finally got a chance to stop by Nordstrom and use the giftcard my stepmom gave me for Christmas... 
- ... to buy some totally impractical makeup items that I did not need, but that look incredible on me (NARS illuminator and lip pencil)


- woke up to my Sammie's cat Pele kneading my breast (weird, but also cool)
- woke up again to Sammie's other cat Nacho placing his paw on my chin and squishing it against me
- almost enough to make me want a cat... not quite there
- walked to brunch in Silverlake
- unlimited iced tea
- Bottega Louie and Lette in the same day
- crazy show in downtown Orange with all 11 members of RPC on a stage that looked like it was straight out of the Tragic Kingdom era...

finally home, so stoked to be sleeping in my own bed tonight. Hooray. Mini tours are definitely the best.

Lots and lots of work and writing to do tomorrow ... so going to turn in early. If pictures come to me, I'll post them. Hope your Valentine's Day weekend was exciting!!