Some thoughts post-car accident

Almost two weeks ago, I was rear-ended on the freeway. I've had a lot going on since then; dealing with pain and insurance and everything else was really not how I wanted to spend the last two weeks of my life, but here we are. I'm overwhelmingly grateful and thankful that I am a) alive, that I wasn't b) more seriously injured and c) that my car is relatively OK and I have been able to continue driving it.

My main thoughts are as follows:
I am infuriated by the way people drive out here. Seriously. You are not in fucking Tokyo Drift Part 7. If you drive like an asshole, you can count on me no longer being your friend. 
Drive like your car could kill someone, because it can. Drive like your car has the power to make someone miserable with a lot of pain, because it can. Drive like your life - and other people's lives - depend on it, because they do. 

I've been filled with a lot of anger about the accident and driving has been somewhat difficult since then. Each day I am slowly working through all the aches and pains. My anger about people's irresponsibility does not dim the feelings of gratitude that I feel for being OK and realizing that someone is looking out for me. It's no coincidence that the first piece of music I heard after the accident was Bill Withers singing "Lovely Day" over the loudspeaker at Whole Foods. I'm supremely grateful to be OK and I am working through this all one day at a time.

And seriously, if I see you driving like a selfish asshole, I will slash your tires.