Geography and Other Problems: it's done + first review

WOW. Well, my latest album is done and out. I always feel such a mix of emotions when a project is completed. Relief. Anticipation. Exhaustion. Ha! But with this project, all these emotions are heightened. It's been a very long time since I've worked so hard on something. It's been five years, exactly, since I've attempted a project of this magnitude. I am happy to report that it's already going much, much better than the last time I did something like this :)  even if my eyes are a little crossed from uploading file after file to network after network... 

Right now, you can listen to the album and purchase it on bandcamp, and you can also listen on Soundcloud. [A lot of people seem to have issues with Soundcloud, so unless you have an account there, better to head over to bandcamp.] 

The incredibly pleasant surprise of the day comes to me from The Daily Album, who recommended my album for "Album of the Day." Since I have only sent about three press emails out (and all of them were to San Diego press contacts), this felt amazing. It's a thorough, full-album review of the kind that are very rare nowadays. You can read the whole thing on The Daily Album

But I have to talk about the best part of the review, which starts here:  

"Geography and Other Problems opens with “Don’t Use My Words Against Me”, a very chill jazz lounge track. It has that “I’m telling you like it is, so pay attention” swagger of a lot of the old standards." 

My music has never been described (not once) with the word "swagger" so I am already thrilled about this. But here's the absolute best thing ever written about my music: 

"There is a lot of power in this track, and Wilson’s soft touch comes off as something like a veiled threat."
I have been waiting for a very long time to be truly understood, and I feel understood today. My soft touch is indeed, a veiled threat, and I thank you for noticing. 

All in all, it's been a great day, and I'm feeling good despite feeling exhausted. For some reason, I woke up every two/three hours last night. Looking forward to a good night's sleep, continued vocal rest, and prepping for Thursday's show at The Griffin in San Diego. See you there!