more about Blue Velvet

So, I've joined a new band recently, but I've been somewhat mum on the details. I didn't know if it was okay for me to share anything about it, but it is. :) So here goes.

Back in September, I was lucky enough to meet some wonderful people who really filled me with a sense of hope and optimism about music and the joy present in making music with friends. 

One of these people shares my birthday, my dear friend Kevin Cavanaugh. He's been in San Diego for several years, and he has had a band in several iterations called Blue Velvet. For lack of a better descriptor, it's a tribute band dedicated to singing songs that we love to hear, we love to sing, and people love to hear. Everything from the Carpenters to Abba, from Dionne Warwick to Dusty Springfield, from the Beach Boys to original music of Kevin's and a few original songs of mine even! He's the man behind the piano, and the "girls" sing features, solos, and lots and lots and lots of harmonies. I literally haven't sung from a music folder since high school.

When I first auditioned to be in this band, I couldn't believe what a perfect fit it was. My 'audition' turned into a total 60's musical geek-out where we discussed our favorite obscure Burt Bacharach songs. And when Kevin asked me to be in the band, he asked me, "...Now, are you going to be okay with wearing a fancy dress, gloves, lots of makeup, the whole bit?" (I pointed him to my website instead.)

Anyhow, we have been putting in a lot of work on rehearsals and sing throughs, and we are going to be giving our first preview set this coming Wednesday at the Caliph in Hillcrest. No cover, and we're going to be there starting around 9pm. I am so excited to be a part of this band, and I'm even more excited to share the hard work we've been doing.