An update of sorts

I'm still alive! Wow! 

Time flies by when your country is rapidly eroding, am I right or am I right? I've been trying to create and working on many different things in the past year or so, and things have shifted, and I'm trying to be okay with that. I don't know what kind of person I would be if what's happening right now *didn't* affect me to the point where I don't sleep well anymore. We shall see. I am thankful for the friends & community members I have here in San Diego and online, I appreciate everyone's continued support! 

I've been enjoying writing & producing new songs for my girl group The Joyelles, you can catch us out and about in San Diego about once a month, and we are just about done with our debut EP. It's been so enjoyable to write songs for multiple voices and different voices than my own! I love it. 

I am also gardening quite a bit and enjoying the quiet and peace that's found in nature and in my backyard. 

Hope you are all well, thank you for your continued support and riding along with me as I enter my 12th year of making music, and all the rides and adventure and weirdness and unexpected stuff that lies ahead....




I'm sick at the loss of life in the Oakland Fire. Like many others, waiting for additional news. 

it horrifies me that we have money for just about everything but the arts in this country. 

it makes me sick that artists, especially young artists, had to choose between stable, affordable housing and their own safety. 

I'm sending my prayers & love to the Bay Area and to all those who lost a loved one, and those who are awaiting news. If you want to contribute to the fundraiser for the victims, here is the link