Summers Are For Lovers

photo by Normandie Wilson design by Megan Tarr

photo by Normandie Wilson
design by Megan Tarr

I am having some trouble remembering exactly how this EP came to be. I recorded it in 2010-2011 in my room and at Roy's studio before he bought his house. Or after? I think? Everything was recorded in San Diego with the exception of "In The Middle Of The Sea," which I recorded in the crazy house I used to live in up in Culver City. I think? I'm having trouble remembering a lot of this. In the summer of 2011, right when I was in the middle of finishing up mixing and recording of this project, my grandmother suffered a minor heart attack. The heart attack itself was not a big deal, until they punctured her heart wall in the cath lab and she had to have an emergency open heart surgery with something like a triple bypass. I lost my grandfather to a massive heart attack in 2005. I wasn't there. I didn't get to say goodbye to him. It was very sudden and very awful. I was so terrified that I'd lose my grandma in the same way. Miraculously, she pulled through and made a complete recovery. She is tough as nails, and I honestly expected nothing less. So my memory is a bit fuzzy on the details, but I'm trying to recall what I can. I had a lot of other things to worry about during that time period. A lot. I feel like I finished it up in time for the famous tour across the Midwest/East Coast with Since Our First Guitar, Biggles Flys Again, and the Nebraska Pop Festival. 

Working titles for the EP (up until the very last minute) were "All The Way to The Buoy," in reference mostly to "In The Middle Of The Sea," which I recorded after a terrifying ocean experience in Santa Monica. I changed it to "Summers Are For Lovers" because I think it sounded a lot cuter and was less about an inside joke. "In The Middle Of The Sea," "Whatever I Can Get," and "Every Morning..." were all written in 2008-2009, when I was living in Culver City. "Beach at Night" had the working title of "Inspiration" for quite some time, and was changed to fit the theme of the record. I started writing "Just A Little Time" in Phoenix, after a friend said the exact phrase to me about a particular situation I was dealing with at the time. It was April 2010, I believe, when I took my keyboard and my boyfriend and went to Phoenix to play some shows with Fatigo. 

I needed a song to go on the compilation for the 2011 Athens Popfest, and I thought "Just A Little Time" was a great choice. It was the song on the album that I was the happiest with, and it is also a much poppier song than I had done in a while. This was around the period that I started to get more focused in my writing. I recorded harmony vocals in my room for hours, and spent hours upon hours mixing the thing only to have it end up not quite right. I passed the song off to Juan Lopez to mix, and ended up being very pleased with the final product. It was my first time ever handing off a song to someone else to mix, of my own volition. What a difference it makes from time to time! While I still do enjoy mixing, I enjoy handing off mixes even more now. Another significant thing that happened for the first time on these recordings. That song in particular still stands up after a few years. I'm still pretty happy with these recordings.

The cover photo was taken in Aruba, where I went with my mom, sister, and brother on a family vacation in 2011. No starfish were harmed. They got their picture taken and then were thrown back in the water.  


Track listing:


Just A Little Time

Every Morning's A Chance To Make Things Right

Whatever I Can Get

In The Middle Of The Sea

Beach At Night (instrumental) 


released 20 July 2011 

all tracks written & recorded by Normandie Wilson 

all instruments & vocals performed by Normandie Wilson 

Recorded in San Diego, California. 

"Just A Little Time" mixed by J. Lopez at Casa de Lopez Recording Studios. 

mastered by Nate Clarke