Healing Arts for Broken Hearts


I was unceremoniously dumped on the Third Street Promenade. It wasn't a week later that Gabe Saucedo of Red Pony Clock told me that the band was going to do a 2 month summer tour. "Why the hell not?" I thought. A week later, I gave notice at my job and began the process of moving my entire life into a storage facility, moving out of the DTLA loft I shared with a close girlfriend, getting my dog to West Virginia and convincing my parents to watch her, and all of this with a broken heart. My broken heart broke my life and pushed every single relationship I had with other humans to the brink. My grief caused me to lose a few friends and caused rifts between myself and friends and family that would take years to fully heal. I was crazed with grief and tortured by my emotions. I felt that I had nothing to lose, and so I lived that way for about six months. I walked out of my day job a week early without even so much as a goodbye; I told everyone and everything in my life to fuck all the way off for about two months. Two months that would come back to haunt me for years.


The first night of the breakup, I didn't sleep at all. I laid awake and cried. I drove and cried. I worked and cried. I slept and cried into my pillow. I wrote songs and stories. I did an exhibition of self-portraits at the Brewery Artwalk in DTLA, dressed in lingerie and laying and crying on a makeshift bed I had set up as part of the exhibit. I was utterly lost. 


And in the midst of being utterly lost, I made more art than I had previously made in my life. I blew off every single one of my existing commitments and sat for obsessive days and nights in my loft, creating music while my roommate was at work. I had a marimba, a vibraphone, a piano, a French horn, a clarinet, a trumpet, and a keyboard in my apartment, along with a handful of percussive instruments. My roommate played flute, so I roped her into performing with me, along with another friend who played oboe. I pulled this album from the thin air of heartbreak and misery, laid it down, mixed and mastered it, ordered some physical CDs, and had a CD release party for it before leaving on tour. BAM. It was my first release (ever), so it took me years to fully appreciate the bad-assery of this feat. 


All music and lyrics by Normandie Wilson

Engineered and mixed by Normandie Wilson

Recorded by Normandie Wilson at 626 S. Flower Street, Los Angeles, California / April - May 2007


All instruments by Normandie Wilson except: 

Dave Lindenbaum - guitar on "Salt & Pepper"

Matt Wyatt - drums on "Cry, Cry, Cry"

Lynn Bacigalupo - flute on "The First Week of May"

Chris Marino - oboe on "The First Week of May"