A series of piano compositions and improvisations inspired by a trip to the Pacific Northwest in May. 

I've spent lots of time in Seattle, but I have never been in the springtime before, and never when the rhododendrons burst forth from trees, bushes, and open fields. The weather was mostly good while I was there, but I was stunned by the contrast between gray cloudy skies and the explosions of pink, purple, fuchsia, red, and white. 

All these compositions started out as piano improvisations. Some of them have more structure than others. 

"Rhododendrons" started as a fluttering of the fingers describing the contrast of pink and purple blooms against lush green branches and grey Seattle skies 

"Dahlias" reminds me of the rain that falls in Disney's "Bambi," as well as the water droplets inside of the gorgeously feathered explosion of color that is a dahlia 

"Peonies" is a Gershwin-inspired exploration of the multitude of petals at the heart of a peony, as well as my emotions upon seeing them growing and blooming wild in people's front yards 

"Roses" is a true improvisation, recorded start to finish as I sat down after a long day of recording to blow off some steam.


released 11 August 2014 

Recorded and mixed at Rarefied Recording in San Diego, California 

Piano is a Boston baby grand piano 

Flower photos by Normandie Wilson 
Portrait photo by Amber Martin

Rhododendrons, going crazy in a Portland parking lot

Rhododendrons, going crazy in a Portland parking lot